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Pet Size: up to 8 ½” long

Habitat: Tropical

Pet Care: Beginner Anoles eat mostly live insects. They are most active during the day and sleep at night. They can be housed in groups and with similarly sized gentle reptiles or amphibians such as house geckos, long tailed lizards or green tree frogs. If housing more than one type of these reptiles together watch for any aggressive behavior or territorial behavior. Anoles eat small live insects such as “gut loaded” (fed a special supplement so that they have the needed nutrients) crickets, mealworms or wax worms. Feed juveniles twice a day and adults 3 – 4 times a week. Offer them an amount that can be eaten by the end of the day. Dust the insects with a calcium powder at least twice week. Provide a shallow water dish for drinking. Mist habitat daily to maintain humidity and provide drinking water. Anoles are quick and should not be handled very much. Take care to never handle them by the tail. It could break off.

Housing: Use a 10 gallon or larger glass terrarium with a screen lid for proper ventilation. Keep the humidity level in the habitat at 70 – 80%. Anoles love plants to climb on. Include several hiding places and climbing branches. Use a UVA/UVB fluorescent bulb for approximately 12 hours a day to help process calcium. Line the habitat with 2 – 3” of cocoa fiber or bark bedding to help maintain the humidity levels. Remove waste weekly and change bedding at least once a month.


Daytime : Maintain a daytime temperature between 75 -85 degrees

Basking: Provide a basking spot lamp to create a localized basking area of 85 – 90 degrees

Night: Maintain a night time temperature between 60 – 75 degrees.

Place a thermometer at each end of the habitat to monitor temperatures.

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