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(Baby) Water Dragon

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Product Description

Pet Life Span: Approximately 15 years

Pet Size: up to 36”

Habitat: Tropical

Pet Care: Intermediate

Water Dragons are Omnivores. They eat both plant and animal matter such as insects plus fruits, veggies and flowers. They are most active during the day. They are happiest living alone. The water dragons eat live insects, mealworms and wax worms. Dust the insects with a calcium supplement twice a week. They should be fed daily. Offer an amount that can be consumed by the end of the day. Once a week you can offer them 2 teaspoons of kale, thawed frozen mixed veggies, all types of melons or red berries. Water must be provided at all times. The water dish should be big enough for them to soak in should they choose to. They do like to swim.

Cage size: Use a 55 gal or larger glass or glass/screen terrarium with a screen top for ventilation. Provide natural or artificial rocks and or branches for them to climb on. Keep the humidity level at or near 70%. Mist the habitat daily.


Day: Maintain a daytime temp of between 75 – 85 degrees.

Basking: Use a basking spot lamp to create a localized basking area of 90-95 degrees.

Night: Maintain a nighttime temperature of between 65 -75 degrees.

Place a thermometer at each end of the home to monitor temperatures.

Use a daytime UVE/UVB fluorescent bulb for approximately 12 hours of light per day to help your pet process calcium. For juveniles use a retile carpet to line their home to prevent ingestion of bedding. For adults larger the 6” long line the home with 2 – 3 inches of a coconut fiber or bark bedding. Remove waste weekly and change bedding at least once a month.

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