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Just Pets Guarantee

Just Pets Guarantee Just Pets will guarantee the heath of freshwater fish, birds, and any small animals. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, hamsters, and gerbils for seven days from the date of purchase.
A cash register receipt is required for all returns.
We recommend that you use our one free initial pet exam card for All Creatures Animal Hospital before the seven days is up.
We are not responsible for any vet costs as a free initial exam card is issued.

All Sales are final. A cash register receipt is required for all exchanges. All approved exchanges or refunds will be replaced in the form of an in-store credit only.
All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
You must have the product in hand for any returns.  

We do not guarantee the age, sex, or temperament of fish, small animal, birds or reptile.

There will not be a guarantee on Marine livestock, corals invertebrates or reptiles. These pets have specific habitat requirements and are recommended for the experienced hobbyist only.

We are not responsible for any death, illness or injury, caused when feeding live foods.

There is no guarantee on feeder animals or fish.

It is recommended that you acclimate new fish to your hospital tank by floating the bag in the water for 10-15 minutes, to allow the fish to adjust to your tank water temperature. Then to release the fish by pouring the fish into a net, to drain the water, and place the fish into the aquarium with the net.  

If a freshwater fish dies within seven days of the purchase, a water sample from the aquarium (before feeding) in a clean container is to be brought into the store along with the fish. Please do not put the fish and water sample into the same container, they must be packaged separately. You must also have the receipt. If any fish are bought on a sale price they will not have a guarantee. A water test will be done and the body will be examined for aggression. If your water checks out fine a replacement fish will be given.
 -->Water Sample, Fish (Not in water sample) and Receipt is needed.  

No replacements will be given without said fish, animal or product. 

All merchandise items or livestock sold on a multi-discount pricing, or sale pricing will be sold as is and is without any guarantee.